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With over 30 years in dental materials manufacturing and supplying, Shandong Huge Dental Material Corporation(HUGE for short) is dedicated to be the globally reputable brand in dental industry.

HUGE implements the most stringent quality standards in the industry. The company has passed the ISO9001, ISO13485, JIS (Japan), CE (EU) and MDL (Canada) and so on.

Owning highest level of R&D department and world-class technology, HUGE can meet different needs and has achieved mass production for synthetic polymer teeth, high quality silicone impression materials, glass ionomer cement, zirconia blocks, PMMA blocks, wax blocks and denture polymers, etc. in China. HUGE has won recognition, trust and high approval from the clients. The dental CAD/CAM PMMA disc/blocks including high quality Zirking zirconia blocks, multi-layers PMMA Blocks and Wax Blocks, are the driving force for the development of digital dental technology.

Yet, HUGE had never stopped for pursuing going forward, the company has been always fighting for creating and providing more premium and safe products to the world.

Sincerely we hope that, with joined hands, HUGE can grow up together with all you distinguished global customers and friends.

1985 HUGE was established and produced the first multi-layer acrylic tooth in China.

2004 HUGE was restryctured, dedicated to be the leading manufacturer & Supplier of dental materials that integrated with R&D, manufacturing and sals.

2006 The only one in China who was able to produce and supply 4-layer and 5-layer synthetic polymer teeth in China.

2008 HUGE Rizhao manufacturing center was set up with sophisticated 33,000m2 highly efficient and FDA, CE compliant in-house manufacturing capabilities in Hi-tech Development Zone, Rizhao, China.

Products were exported to European Countries; HUGE launched SENIORS, owning the independent intellectural property, which filled the void for dental tal restoration field in China.

2011 HUGE Perfit elastomeric impression material was launched and ranked #1 of market share in China.

2013 HUGE Zirking Zirconia Block was launched with premium quality of raw material

2014 Huge Dental was founded.

HUGE became the only one in the world offering 19 colors of PMMA Blocks.

2015 HUGE was listed with NEEQ.

#1 market share of synthetic polymer teeth & dental elastomeric impression material in China.

Sales to 80+ countries through distributors and direct sales.

300+ employees worldwide.

Glass Ionomer Cement launched.

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•10,000㎡ manufacturing and research plant located in Hi-tech Development Zone, with capability to acquire additional 30,000㎡ of land for further expansion

•10 workshops for synthetic polymer teeth with advanced equipment, annual production capability 60million, and 1million kg production capability of dental silicon impression material, 1000kg of GIC annual capacity

•Two buildings in the manufacturing cite available for dormitory, able to support 24 hours production in 3 shifts of 8 hours

•Over 300 employees working in production

•Complete procedures though SAP & CRM system to manage production, logistic, financial accounts, customers and administration

•3 R&D centers

• Teeth Mold Design Center located in Shanghai

• Application & Pre-production Center of R&D located in Rizhao

• Material Development Center located in Peking

• 32 patents

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Company Info

Quality Control

• Raw material important from Europe, Japan with high quality standard

• 3 phases tests before formal production application for each new batch of raw material

• Detail and traceable records of raw material to semi-finished product to final product

• High quality CAD/CAM steel molds update every 5 years to make sure lifelike design and size consistence, every single tooth is examined by EYE

• Full denture is set up to verify shade consistence

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R & D

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Marketing & Sales

Marketing & Sales - Domestic

• With over 50 sales reps. Based in different cities in China

• 30%+ annual growth

• 400+ distributors, 100+ direct sales to big labs/hospitals, covers totally 28,000customers and 30million end-users

• Exhibit in 18 shows and 220+ academic seminars, with over 4,700 attendants and trained, 2200+ awards invested

• Non-profit charity carry out in central and western China with CDS


Marketing & Sales – International

• Sales team with 10+ people based in different countries, still increasing…

• 120+ dealers worldwide in 80+ countries from Europe, America, Africa, Middle-east, Asia and Pacific Area

• Exhibit in IDS Koln, Adeec Dubai, IDEM Singapore since 2007 and coordinate exhibit in over 10 shows worldwide

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Kontakt Add: Shanhai Str. 68, Donggang, 276800 Rizhao, Shandong Provinz, Volksrepublik China
Tel: +86-633-2277268  Fax: +86-633-2277298 E-mail: marketing@hugedental.com
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